Smoke & Fire Dampers

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Smoke and fire dampers are integral to the effective compartmentation of a building. They are fundamental to the fire safety systems designed to prevent and minimise the spread of smoke and fire.

There is a vast array of fire and smoke dampers out there and at TFS we retain expert knowledge and experience in this field. We offer comprehensive Planned Preventative Maintenance including comprehensive inspection, testing and maintenance in compliance with the current legislation.

British Standard 9999:2017 Code of Practice for Fire Safety in the Design, Management & Use of Buildings (which recently superseded BS 5588-9:1999 – Fire Precautions in the design, construction and use of buildings – Managing Fire Safety) states:

  • “…any grille or opening through the service duct enclosure for ventilation purposes should be protected by a fire damper” It defines a Fire Damper as a “mechanical device that is operated automatically or manually and is designed to prevent the passage of fire and which, together with its frame, is capable of meeting for a stated period of time the fire resistance criterion for integrity”.
  • “Arrangements should be made for all fire dampers (both automatic and manual) to be tested by a competent person on completion of the installation and at least annually, and to be repaired or replaced immediately if found to be faulty. Spring-operated fire dampers should be tested annually, and fire dampers situated in dust-laden and similar atmospheres should be tested much more frequently, at periods suited to the degree of pollution.”