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General Terms (sections 1 to 4)

  1. TechniFire Solutions Ltd (A UK based Limited Company)operates this website and gives no guarantee of its availability. At all times we reserve the right to add, amend, remove and refuse users and content. By making our website available, we do not relinquish any rights to control who uses our website and how access is obtained. By using our website and services, you agree that we are not liable for the accuracy or reliability of any content contained within any page or parts of our website and you will not rely upon or copy any written text, images or information in any way or for any means whatsoever.
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  3. Limitation of liability – We will accept no liability for your use of our website. It is displayed for our own purposes only and therefore you view it and navigate through our pages entirely at your own risk.
  4. Cookies– Data Protection laws require websites within the EU to seek your consent or to notify you and assume consent is given by you (informed consent) to send you cookies and from May 2012 you are likely to see warnings at many websites you visit. Therefore when you visit us we assume you consent to cookies being sent by us to you. Cookies cannot by themselves be used to personally identify you. At TechniFire Solutions websites, we use ‘session cookies’ to enable seamless flow through your use of our website, including Google Cookies to monitor traffic frequency and origin and selected third party advertiser cookies to deliver 3rd party advertising. You can disable cookies in your web browser but you will find that our site may not function as well without them due to the nature of our website construction. More information is available from www.technifiresolutions.com/cookies-compliance/and we have assumed you have read and agreed to our cookies policy in its entirety.