Environmental Policy

In line with our commitment to ensuring the protection of the environment, at Technifire Solutions we recognise our wider social and environmental responsibilities both in our operating practices and the influence we can bring to bear as an employer in the fire systems industry to develop procedures to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the prevention of pollution and preservation of natural resources.

Through  periodic review, Technifire Solutions undertakes to develop continual improvements in our procedures and systems and we are therefore committed to taking positive action wherever possible to influence environmental issues including:

  • Providing information and guidelines to staff regarding ways of maximising energy efficiency,minimising waste and preventing pollution.
  • To reduce paper wastage and/or physical storage through technological      innovations such as the use of email and internet.
  • Use of recycling companies to handle the recycling of toners used within printers and photocopiers, paper, cardboard, plastic cups, and waste electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Regular servicing of vehicles and equipment to maximise efficiency and fuel conservation.
  • Recycling waste where appropriate and using recycled products wherever practicable.
  • Giving preferential consideration to environmentally friendly products and suppliers who demonstrate a higher level of environmental concern.
  • Awareness of our carbon footprint for the Company and establishing CO2 reduction thinking in our operational processes.

Review of our objectives will be undertaken through a quarterly evaluation and analysis by our Managing Director.

We take our responsibilities seriously and already maintain a clear record of compliance with regard to our environmental legal requirements and undertake to continue this through our commitment to this policy statement.

Our clients may have specific environmental considerations and Technifire Solutions will uphold any policy or procedures they have as far as is practicable, to safeguard the clients undertaking to protect the environment too.

This policy will be made available to employees and externally for the Public via the Company’s website.