Project Scoping, Management & Delivery

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Our clients rely 100% on the expert knowledge and industry experience that we bring to the design, installation and management of Fire and Security systems. We pride ourselves on regularly exceeding industry standards, and providing high-specification, need-appropriate systems at a competitive price.

Before putting together a tender to design any system, we will conduct a detailed site visit and discussion to establish precisely what is needed, and what is possible. Our systems designers are not sales people. They are trained, experienced engineers with many years of practical experience in the sector. They understand business needs, and the impact that fire or security issues can have, and will become your guide and advisor through the process, matching their knowledge of systems and regulations with your knowledge of your building and business needs.

They work closely with the relevant contractors throughout fit-out, to ensure that the job gets done right, first time.

  • Systems designed and estimated by industry-experienced engineers
  • Expert advice and guidance to ensure you get the system you really need
  • Solutions which exceed industry standards
  • Accessible service with the ability to speak to real people
  • Genuine understanding of business needs

Our expert in-house CADD technicians also have detailed knowledge and practical understanding of building construction, and will design your systems using sophisticated 3-D techniques which ensure that all requirements are met.