Case Study

Imperial London Hotels

Hotels: Imperial London Hotels, London

Imperial London Hotels is a family run business located in Central LondonSince 1837 it has maintained its status as an independent hotel chain boasting more than 175 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. 

TechniFire Solutions have serviced Imperial London Hotels for many yearsThe day to day operations of the hotels during ongoing major and minor refurbishments is crucial to the continued success of the business. Over the years TFS have developed a proactive, responsive and flexible approach to the undertaking of maintenance and projects works during these times of flux, particularly regarding the hotels. 

The range of facility for ILH is 16 buildings in total including 7 hotels with over 3,250 rooms, 6 Hostels, Staff accommodation premises comprising of 52 flats, ILH Main Offices and a Laundry. The ‘residential’ nature of the hotel and hostel occupancy requires the need for public access on a 24/7/365 basis which creates unique set of circumstances for the business. Several hotels are currently undergoing redevelopment one of which is a good example of the extent of fire alarm services ILH require. 

Royal National Hotel 

The largest of the hotels with over 1,600 guest rooms on 6 floors is currently undergoing extensive refurbishment throughout the entire buildingThis is an ongoing project being carried out on a floor by floor basis with the two of the main reception areas being the commencement of the works. 

TFS provided a complete upgrade of the existing fire alarmAn analogue addressable fire alarm and detection system was installed as well as fire alarm cabling to the required standards and regulations. This included a new fire alarm graphics systemFull training on the new fire alarm graphics system was provided for relevant staff as required. A Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm (VESDA) system was also installed in the appropriate areas as required by ILH.   

All systems were installed according to the proposed specifications and tested in accordance with all standards and regulations. O&M Manuals were issued as normal practise containing all relevant Commissioning and Installations Certificates were completed to ILH’s satisfaction. 

Portable Fire Extinguishers and Emergency Escape Plans 

There are over 900 portable fire extinguishers across all the ILH buildings. TFS supply, install and maintain all portable fire extinguishers in accordance with the current standards and regulations. Also working with ILH in establishing emergency escape routes in accordance with the current Fire risk Assessment all Emergency Escape Plans for guest rooms and staff quarters have been updated and installed in all relevant rooms and areas as required.  

TechniFire Solutions continues to work with Imperial London Hotels to maintain all fire alarm and detection systemacross all the ILH buildings. TFS also undertakes all maintenance and projects as required on an ongoing basis creating a safe environment for hotels guests and staff of the ILH buildings.