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At TechniFire Solutions we understand that training your personnel to ensure they can act quickly and efficiently in the event of an alarm or fire is crucial to minimise potential for damage, injury and interruption to your business.

We offer the following training modules on a group basis, each of which may contribute to satisfying your duties defined in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, Health and Safety at Work Acts and your Insurers specifications:

extinguishertrainaidExtinguisher Training:

Our experienced trainers will ensure your staff are able to recognise extinguishers types, which to use dependant on the fire type, guidance on when (and when not) to safely use an extinguisher, and with practical “hands-On” experience being given to each candidate where they will experience how difficult it can be to extinguish flames. We also introduce a shock element (in a completely safe and memorable way – but we will only reveal that during each training session).

Our extinguisher division carries out training using the very latest hi-tech virtual technology, which delivers realistic scenarios at varying difficulty levels (dependant upon their current knowledge).

With training conducted inside (no cold outdoors sessions are necessary), without having to light a fire or cause a mess, using our intelligent virtual equipment, your staff will quickly get to grips with the correct methods to extinguish varying fire types (dependant upon materials combusted and extinguisher type selected). Each candidate will also view a carefully compiled presentation to add to their extinguishers knowledge and receive a certificate of attendance.

Here are some of our recent candidates comments:

“This is a good training programme and it would be nice if it could be taken to schools”

“Brilliant – insightful and informative!”

“Very informative and I enjoyed it” 

“Practical materials used were Excellent”.


Fire alarm panel and systems

Would your staff benefit from user training on your own system? – Our fire alarm division deliver group training to explain correct use of your installed system, explain your cause and effect and give hands on experience to enable your personnel to act correctly in the event of an alarm.

We will explain the actions required of your staff in event of a real fire, handling false and unwanted alarms and explain the actions to take to call the fire brigade or liaise with a central station (ARC – alarm receiving centre) depending on your installed equipment.

All too often, staff do not understand their fire alarm or how to use it correctly, which can lead to panic, a fear of your fire panel, evacuations and disruption to your business.

Here are some of our recent candidates comments:

“I am no longer in fear of our fire panel”

“Thank you, understanding how our fire system works is really important – and useful to us all”

“This training would have saved some of the evacuations we’ve had and as a hotel that costs us dear in reputation and revenue”.


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