Fire Alarms, Extinguishers, Gas Suppression, CCTV & Security, Building Systems Integration

Access Control & CCTV

Access Control Systems, CCTV, Security Installations, Graphics Front Ends, ID Software & ID Printers, Asset Tagging  … we offer the whole package!

Effective and budget aware Design, Installation and Maintenance for your security systems and CCTV is essential, it is about efficient and secure design, safe & secure methods and robust equipment, complemented by effective periodic testing giving you accurate records for current state of installed equipment to ensure you remain properly protected by your investment in building control systems.

Our experience includes:-  

Closed Circuit Television, multi networked DVR Arrays, surveillance equipment, access & egress controls, asset tagging to protect your equipment, recording and playback functionality, front end operator controlled consoles, graphics and PC based operator playback, record and copy features, ID Cards and printable security media and more.