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Fire Suppression

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Gas Suppression, Water Mist, Saturation Systems and Room Integrity Tests

gascyls_smWe recognise that your life safety systems are essential to protect your personnel and business premises from the threat posed by a fire disaster. While we can’t stop the dangers from being present, we can use best
practices to manage your fire system assets and to make sure they are maintained to the highest industry standards.

At Technifire Solutions our team will ensure effective routine maintenance is conducted periodically, thoroughly and with records provided to assure you of the highest levels of service, in accordance with BS5839/BS6266/BS5306 and all relevant standards applicable to such installations and maintenance thereof.

Our fire alarm engineers are industry trained to parts 1 & 2 through the FIA to meet current F-Gas standards assuring you that their know

ledge has been tested by the leading fire industry governing body. mens health. Additionally we are F-Gas Registered through FIA with Certificate No. F-0071-GB


rit_smRoom Integrity tests

With in-house personnel holding Manufacturer Examined Level 1, 2 and 3 – Advanced Enclosure Integrity Testing and Evaluation certification, we are fully equipped to conduct your annual Room Integrity Tests to ensure your systems output will be effective in the space required, or to make recommendations for repair to building structures to ensure integrity is reinstated. In addition, we can attend at more frequent stages of building changes and when major works are carried out that may alter or affect your rooms.

Let us give you our quotation for the continuing health checks at the heart of your gas suppression fire life safety provision.

TechniFire Solutions own and operate the best industry equipment for room integrity testing, assuring you of continued single point of contact for your buildings systems and integrity rating.